White Bantam Polish Chickens are a rare  and unique breed known for their bouffant crest of feathers that nearly cover the entirety of their head

Bred primarily as a show bird

Productive egg layers (at least mine are) of smallish white eggs.  Our fertility rate is excellent.

We raise both frizzled and smooth, non-bearded.  Chances of frizzled:  better than 50%.

Their crest can limit their vision, but their temperament is calm, though some can be timid while others are wacky.

The earlobes are white, the comb and wattles bright red.

When in a mixed flock, they tend to be at the bottom of the pecking order.  Ours are in their own coop area and run.


One White Roo covers 3 White Hens (1 smooth, 2 Frizzled).  Fertility is excellent.

All photos are property of Hollycroft Hens.

Member Of Polish Breeders Club

New Jersey NPIP AI #22-374