Bantam variety

Docile and calm

Feathers almost fur like in texture

Hollycroft raises Black, White and Paint colors.

The Paint color is fascinating and   throws a variety of beautiful colors

Adapt quickly to handling and humans

Small, cream colored egg.  Our Silkies fertility rate is excellent.

5 toes on each foot, with feathers on the outer two, feathered shanks

Black skin and flesh

Turquoise Blue Earlobes

Calm, friendly temperament

Exceptionally broody

Good mothers

Bearded and non-bearded

Approx. 100 eggs per year




Two gentle Roos (1 black and 1 white)  cover 5 hens (2 Black, 2 White, 1 Paint)  Fertility is excellent.

All photos are the property of Hollycroft Hens.

New Jersey NPIP AI #22-374

Member American Bantam Silkie Club