Originated in Malaysia

Smallest, lightest bantam chicken in the world

The Serama are characterized by their upright posture, full breast, vertical tail feathers held upright and tight up to the body and vertical wings held down nearly touching the ground.

Hens:  10-16 oz, Cocks 8-16 oz

Requires very little space

Wonderful temperament

Enjoy human interaction

Very small eggs, 5 serama eggs equal 1 standard large egg

Eggs vary in color from white to light brown.  The fertility of our flock is excellent

More susceptible to cold temps compared to other breeds

Incubation of eggs is 19-21 days

Inexpensive to feed as each serama eats approx 1 lb of feed per month

Variety of colors and patterns

A joy to raise and interact with

Good choice for showing __________________________________


Five gentlemen Roosters cover 19 hens (9 frizzled and 10 smooth).  Fertility is excellent with nearly 50% possibility of frizzle.

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New Jersey NPIP AI  #22-374

Hatching Eggs are currently unavailable.