Here we are early 2015 already and the hens are all laying well.  Serama, Silkie, White Bantam Polish, and Easter Egger hatching eggs can be shipped.  Olive Egger (EE Rooster over French Black Copper Maran hen also available.)   Please email me for more info at

Hatching eggs are a great experience.  You get better than average results when placing shipped eggs under a broody hen.  There is no better method of incubating than a 'good' broody hen.  Depending on the incubator and attention paid to monitoring heat and humidity, you can still get a good hatch using an incubator.  I once put 12 shipped silkie hatching eggs under my serama hens.  They went 12 for 12.  I put another 12 shipped eggs in the incubator and 8 out of 12 hatched.  Not too bad. Eggs wrapped well and not abused during shipping can generally work out okay in the end. There is, however, no guarantee.  Much depends on the handling during shipping and incubation methods. I personally prefer hatching my own chicks to bringing live birds in; limits disease and illness which can then spread to the rest of your flock and also lends itself to good bio security.  It's also more affordable when it comes to rare breeds.  Hollycroft Hens is New Jersey NPIP  AI 22-374.

Shipping is by 2 day Priority Mail, insured.  We will ship overnight, if requested.  We ship orders Monday through Wednesday only.  Eggs are packed with extreme care and "double bubble" wrapped.  You will be provided with a tracking number so you will know when to expect your eggs.  Hatching guidelines will be enclosed.  It is advisable to post a "hold" on the package at the post office for pick up rather than delivery by the usual mail truck to your mail box.


  Hatching Eggs