Welcome to Hollycroft Hens!  We live on and operate a wholesale nursery in the Pinelands of New Jersey.  With plenty of space, why not raise a few chickens?  And so it began with 8 chickens.  And then a few more chickens, and so it goes.  But we have narrowed it down to 4 (or 5) breeds that we are partial to.   For the moment.  ;)   (But we're keeping that on the down low.)

The surprising thing about raising chickens is their mentality.  They each have a personality.  I found that surprising.  Some are smarter than others.  Some are meaner than others, and some just settle right into your heart.  Like a dog, they're very loyal.  And raising them has been a great experience.  And so many tasty breakfasts to remember.  Email us at HollyCroftHens@comcast.net for hatching eggs availability.


Disclaimer:  I do not qualify my stock as "breeder quality" or "show quality".  Both terms are subjective, depending on the individual and circumstances.  What I do guarantee is a remarkable and healthy bird while in my possession and at the time of outside purchase.  I will not sell a bird that lacks the character and qualities required of a particular breed.  I qualify my birds as"Hollycroft Quality".  And that is a remarkable quality bred with good care, good nutrition, and  most of all, abundant love.  <3


Inky, our Head Silkie Hen